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SRC Soft was formed in 2001. We are focused on development and manufacturing of remote monitoring and control systems.

The main focuses of SRC Soft are:

  • Development and application of computer programmes, especially SCADA applications for monitoring and control,
  • Development of sophisticated microcomputing systems and applications in process control,
  • Development of analogue and digital specialist equipment

Due to our highly experienced staff, continuously working with SCADA systems since 1992, we are capable of satisfying the needs of current and prospective customers in this field.

Continuous development and improvement of products and meeting the demands of the market, enables us to offer a product range, representing complete systems, including all additional equipment necessary for system operations.

During the past years, two of the most important systems developed were:

  • RC1, system for remote monitoring and control in electro-distribution
  • RC3, system for digital speech recording ('registrofon') and automated telephone service

Additional equipment and additional programs for system support were also developed.

All products from our product range are manufactured by SRC SOFT and represent entirely our product.

Systems are developed and manufactured according to exact customer specifications. Over the years we have delivered and installed a large number of SCADA systems and systems for digital speech recording to electro-distribution companies in Serbia, Republic Srpska and Bulgaria; please see our list of reference sites.

Based on the number and size of our customers, we are fast becoming one of the leading national suppliers of SCADA systems for electro-distribution. In addition, due to our link with Tavrida Electric Belgrade and Tavrida Electric Bulgaria, we are currently the only manufacturer of SCADA systems with successful connection and functioning of reclosers Tavrida Electric.

Continuous updates to follow world standards in the field of communication protocols, enables the functional integration of all relevant world manufacturers’ parts into our SCADA systems.


Our aim is to establish and maintain our excellent business reputation, by offering comprehensive turnkey solutions including high quality, fast, just in time, efficient solutions.
Based upon this, here are the key aspects of our business:

  • Fast response to the needs and requests from our customers,
  • Hard working dedicated staff,
  • Efficient communication with customers,
  • High quality, market oriented and competitive products,
  • Optimising the solution to best meet customer needs,
  • Fulfilling the expectations of our customers in terms of quality products supplied.